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 Job Titles in Clerical -- Adjustment Clerks
 Wages           Job Openings           Job Requirements           Training           Career Paths

Adjustment Clerks

 Picture of an Adjustment Clerk at work.

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Job Description:   Adjustment Clerks assist customers in resolving complaints about merchandise, service, billing, credit, packaging, and shipping. By examining billing records, receipts, service histories, warranties, shipping records, and other data, they determine the reasons for the complaints. After reviewing the important information, the clerk notifies the customers and the company of the findings, makes adjustments to the bill, and recommends service improvements.

Wages - Statewide:  

To give you an idea of how much you might earn, we have given you the average hourly wages and average yearly wages for this career throughout California. Wages can vary greatly in different parts of the State.
  Hourly Average Wages:  18.25
  Yearly Average Wages:  37,948

  Source: California Occupational Employment and Wage Data, 2010

Job Openings:  

An average of 9800 job openings will be available statewide per year. The number of openings includes both new jobs and replacement openings as workers leave the occupation.

Source: California Occupational Employment Projections 2008 - 2018

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Basic Job Requirements:

  1. High school graduate preferred
  2. Basic math, typing, and word processing skills
  3. Good reading and writing abilities
  4. Good communication and interpersonal skills
  5. Ability to handle detailed information
  6. Ability to work with customers and company staff under stressful conditions

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 Where to get training locally:   High schools, community colleges, adult education, business and trade schools, and local government/private industry training providers.

To find training programs in your area you can check the LaborMarketInfo Web site at www.labormarketinfo.edd.ca.gov/cgi/databrowsing/traProvidersSelection.asp?menuChoice=traProviders. Or, you can go to a One-Stop Career Center for assistance. (See "One-Stop Career Centers" in the "How to Find a Job" section.)

 Possible Job Paths:
 Adjustment Clerks can move up to Records Clerks, Contract Clerks, Auditing Clerks, Reservations Clerk, Reservation Agent, Accountant, Contract Specialist, or Office Supervisor.

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